Monday, March 24, 2014

Fresh Doubt

Madison Faber is a brilliant American psychology graduate studying at a prestigious London college. At 8.30 this morning she discovered her friend lying in a pool of blood.

Two hours later she's in police custody being questioned for murder. Although traumatized and terrified, Madison is not alone. She has Special Agent Ingrid Skyberg at her side.

Agent Skyberg works the criminal division of the US embassy in London. It’s her job to rescue American citizens when they get into trouble. Unfortunately for Madison Faber, a murder charge is just the start of her problems.

Afraid the killer is now targeting her, Madison persuades Agent Skyberg to hunt him down before he strikes again.

Up against the clock, and disobeying strict FBI protocols, Ingrid’s obsession to bring the killer to justice forces her to take matters far beyond the law. So far she may never get back.

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