Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Long Time Dying

Eva Roberts and Dan Bradley are back together in this hot action packed adventure.

When Devon Parker asks Eva to investigate ex-partner Dan’s persecution complex she is not impressed. Dan did wrong and is ancient history. But soon the reluctant couple are working together again - on the case to save Dan's life - as Eva discovers some conspiracies are for real.

A snitch called Remmie says Dan is on a list of names being targeted by a band of freelance killers. Dan suspects the notorious Russian gangster Victor Marka, Parker has his own suspicions, while Eva just wants this mess and Dan Bradley out of her life for good. But when Dan is kidnapped Eva has no way out. Will it be a rescue bid or a suicide mission? Will the dangerous and alluring gangster's wife get what she is after from Eva?

Loyalties fade, sexual tension soars and violence explodes as Eva Roberts is caught up in a war of ego and criminal power across Essex and London.


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